The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In the jam of agreements and negotiations, more than 140000 Syrian citizens are still at the mercy of regime’s torturers in its jails and prisons, and unknown fate chases tens of thousands more

Continuous displacement, demographic change, infighting and deals to extract abductees and prisoners in the jails of the factions, and pursuit after media “victories” , and “the Price ” wandering away of them, where a file is completely missing in the local and international negotiating table, the file of Syrian detainees by the forces of Bashar al-Assad’s regime and in the cellars of his security branches and his notorious jails, it turned to an absent file even in the discussions, meetings and negotiating sessions, where in the time where negotiations took place in several areas within the Syrian territory; they ended by  displacement agreements of civilians and fighters with their families to the Syrian north.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has monitored in the past months the release of hundreds of detainees from several prisons and detention centers, and the time of imprisonment was different between one detainee and another, while tens of thousands more are still in prisons and under detention in tens of security camps, prisons and detention centers of the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them in their controlled areas within the Syrian territory, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented more than 140000 detainees, of who are still in prisons and jails of the Syrian regime, and the  Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was able document 14755 civilian casualties, they are 14576 man and young man, 120 children under the age of eighteen and 59 woman over the age of eighteen, who have died since the start of the Syrian revolution in mid-March 2011 until today the 14th of April 2018, out of at least 60000 detainees who were killed inside these branches and Sednaya Prison in more than 7 years, either as a result of direct physical torture or deprivation of food and medicine, and the regime forces handed over the bodies of some of the detainees to their relatives, while others were informed that their sons had died inside detentions and asked them to issue their death certificate, and the other people who sons died under torture in regime’s jails were forced to sign declarations that opposition rebel groups had killed them, also the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received information indicating that there were many cases of citizens killed under torture within regime’s jails, in which their parents and relatives didn’t declare their death because they were afraid of prosecution by regime’s security or detention.

And after turning the case of tens of thousands of abductees and detainees to a paper manipulated by various parties, whether it was the regime and its allies or the opposition Syrian parties, and hiding the fil after that completely. The Syrian Observatory calls for a strong re-activation of the detainee case, after being absent by parties that made other files and interests their priorities, we in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights call on the United Nations envoy, Mr. Stefan Demistura, the international actors as well as regional and international organizations to be do a diligent and serious work in this file, so that the release of tens of thousands of detainees and abductees becomes the priority of any political meeting, conference or negotiations, and not just to say but to have practical steps to start releasing the detainees, also the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights urges the international community and in particular the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Security Council and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, to act immediately and put pressure on the Syrian regime, in order to release what is left of the alive detainees, and to work to form a court to put executioners killers and whomever give the orders, those who have lost their hearts and consciences and have killed so many of the Syrian people.