Jaysho al- Islam arrest 2 prominent leaders of Jaysho al- Ummah, and Islamic factions do not participate in "what is happening in the Eastern Ghota" • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Jaysho al- Islam arrest 2 prominent leaders of Jaysho al- Ummah, and Islamic factions do not participate in “what is happening in the Eastern Ghota”


Jaysho al- Islam arrested 2 leading figures in the Islamic battalions of Jaysho al- Ummah after raiding a place where they hid in 2 days ago. In addition to, several Islamic factions issued a statement, SOHR received a copy of it, declaring “we are the leadership of Islamic Union of Ajnad al- Sham, leadership of al- Rahman legion and leadership of Ahraro al- Sham; the members of the unified military leadership of the Eastern Ghota, confirmed that the elimination of mischief- makers is a religious and revolutionary  duty under the umbrella of the Unified Judicial Council in the Eastern Ghota that has been empowered by all factions. As for what is happening in the Eastern Ghota nowadays we did not have participation of it, and we confirmed that we are going to support the Judicial Council in the Eastern Ghota to struggle against corruption and mischief- makers.


 Meanwhile, SOHR had received a copy of footage including a statement for Sharia scholars and imams of the Ghota that declared:


“After the patience of Sharia scholars in the Eastern Ghota in general, the Islamic Legitimate Body in Damascus and Rif Dimashq in particular and most of the Jihadi factions on the land of proud Ghota against the exclusionary practices of our brothers in Jaysho al- Islam and their obstruction of all attempts to unify and settle the ranks of al- Mujahedeen in all fields, most recently obstruction of the Unified Judiciary, where the people of al- Ghota had been shocked when Jaysho al- Islam kidnapped the mujahid sheikh Abo Thabet from his office in the sharia judiciary and hit him cruelly that surely effect negatively the unify of the mujahedeen ranks and led to dissention that keeps them away from their main goal which is to get rid of this criminal regime, we announced the following:


  • We extremely condemned such actions.
  • We hold the leader of Jaysho al- Islam “Zahran Allosh” and president of the Shura Council in Doma “Abo Ne’man Dalwan” fully responsible for this action and demand them to excuse immediately.
  • We also ask for handing over the “repentance official” who issued the assault command and the members who hit the Sheikh to the jurisdiction to prevent dissension among Muslims.
  • We call all scholars and leaders of factions inside and outside the Eastern Ghota to pressure to comply with the right.
  • We call the wise in Jaysho al- Islam to intervene to seek reconciliation and heal the rift. We also ask the brothers in Jaysho al- Islam no to obey orders that do not satisfy Allah and which led to weaken Muslims.
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