The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

IS beheads a mosque imam in al- Shaddadi area in al- Hasakah

Reliable sources informed SOHR that IS beheaded a mosque imam from the village of Abo Khwet, which is adjacent to the city of al- Hasakah, this early morning in al- Sheddadi area in the south of the city of al- Hasakah.


In the details documented by SOHR, that the mosque imam, who is father for 3 fighters in IS, one of them killed in earlier clashes in the countryside of al- Hasakah, was arrested by IS militants from a house owned by one of his sons in Abo al- Hol area in the southeast of al- Hasakah about 2 weeks ago, where they put him in one of IS jails in al- Sheddadi area. Then, they carried out “al- Had (punishment) by beheading him for “insulting God (blasphemy)”.