The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

A car explosion in the southern countryside of Idlib causes injuries and shelling targets a village in northern countryside of Hama

Idlib Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: an explosion was heard in Khan Shaykhun city, it is most likely  to be caused by a mine explosion which targeted a car belongs to Jaysh al-Izza, which caused material damage but no information about casualties, where Idlib province and the nearby areas from in the countryside of Hama and Aleppo witnessed assassinations of fighters, civilians and non-Syrian fighters, which killed and injured of tens during the past week.

Hama Province, the Syrian Observatory for human Rights: areas in Hasraya village in the northern countryside of Hama, were shelled by the regime forces by several artillery shells, which caused material damage in the property of citizens, but no information about casualties so far.