The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More casualties in the southern Hasakah massacre raise the death toll to 23 of children, women and elderly as a result of aerial bombardment

Al-Hasaka Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the number of civilian people who were killed continues to rise in the southern countryside of Hasakah city, as a result of the massacre that was carried out by warplanes that are not known whether they belong to the Iraqi Air Force or the International Coalition, where it rose to 23, the number of civilians (including 10 children, 6 citizens and 7 men the majority of them are old men), who were killed as a result of aerial bombardment on al-Qasr area of Tal Shayer in the “Islamic State” organization’s controlled areas in the southern countryside of al-Hasakah city, and most of the casualties are from two families, and the death toll is expected to rise because there are some people in critical situation.

The Syrian Observatory published over the past few days that  eastern and northern countryside of Deir Ezzor and the southern countryside of Al-Hasakah, are witnessing alertness by the Syria Democratic Forces and the International Coalition, in conjunction with air alertness witnessed in the area east of the Euphrates River, as a part of preparations by them for starting a massive military operation aims to end the presence of the “Islamic State” organization in the entire east of the Euphrates River, where the presence of the organization is concentrated in an enclave that includes 4 villages and towns on the eastern banks of the Euphrates River which are Al-Bahra, Hajin, Abu al-Hassan, Sha’afah, Al-Baghuz, and the organization is also presented in the part in the north-eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, which is connected with the southern countryside of Al-Hasakah which still include 22 villages and areas including Tal Al-Jaber, Tal al-Mnakh, Om Haffur, al-Rimat, Fakkah al-Tarraf, Fakkah al-Shwaykh, al-Hessu, al-Bawardi, al-Dshishiyah, Bajari Desert adjacent al-Suwar Desert which includes the administrative borders between Deir Ezzor and Al-Hasakah.

Reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that this alertness is coincided with bringing military reinforcements from Al-Omar Oilfield and other areas controlled by the SDF, to the fronts with the organization, of vehicles, materiel, equipment, ammunition and fighters, amid the flight of reconnaissance planes and the International Coalition’s warplanes over the area, and their targeting from time to time to the  controlled areas of the organization and its positions and arsenals, while the eastern banks of the Euphrates River are witnessing rounds of fighting from time to time, between the Syria Democratic Forces supported by the International Coalition against the “Islamic State” organization.