The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Days after a clan announcement about forming combat units to “expel the Turkish, American and French Forces”, Arab clans reject this decision, describing it as a “play”

Several Syrian Arab clans issued a statement rejecting the so-called “popular Clan Resistance”, which was formed after the meeting of hundreds of Syrian Arab tribes and dignitaries from various Syrian areas a few days ago, where the meeting took place in Deir Hafer area in the eastern countryside of Aleppo which is under the control of the regime forces, the statement says:
“it is no longer concealed; the size of the lies, falsifications and disinformation practiced by the regime to cover up its criminality and terrorism against the Syrian people, and it won’t be the last of which what the regime have done of collecting several mercenaries and agents in Deir Hafer city, claiming that they are clan notables in a play that fools no one. We, the Syrian tribes and clans represented by the Tribes and Dignitaries Council in the liberated Syrian interior, as we affirm our complete stand with the Syrian revolution and affirm the involvement of our children in the revolutionary factions, defending our rebellious people against the criminal regime and its sectarian militias, we declare our innocence of those mercenaries who met in Deir Hafer and who represent only themselves, we denounce regime’s attempts to form criminal militants under clan name, and we refuse the use of the name of the clans and involving it in its sectarian projects.”
The statement was signed by representatives of the tribes of al-Na’eim, al-Ekydat, al-Bakkara, al-Heeb, al-Mawali, al-Tay, al-Mshahda, Bani Khaled, al-Bu Shaaban, and Jees, in addition to the clans of Damakhleh, al-Bu Eisa, al-Bu Harbi, al-Wisat, Jnydat and al-Bu Shehab al-Dien.

The Syrian Observatory published last night, the 2nd of June 2018 that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored a meeting of hundreds of dignitaries and notables of Syrian Arab clans from various Syrian areas, in Dier Hafer area in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, which used to be controlled by the “Islamic State” organization, and which the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities led by the Brigadier in the regime forces, Suhail Al-Hassan, and with Russian support, managed to impose their control on, in 2017, and the meeting included in its final statement which it announced about, the formation of unites under the name “Popular Clannish Resistance”, serve as ally forces of the Syrian regime army, and aim to expel the Turkish, US and French forces from the Syrian territory, where a number of officials of the regime and a number of officers of the regime forces attended this vast conference.

This announcement of the formation of military forces under the name Popular Clannish Forces, and declaring them as ally forces of the regime, is coincided with the regime’s preparations for applying a decision leads to resolve the ally forces, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published yesterday, Friday the 1st of June 2018, that it obtained information about an unprecedented decision which the regime will apply in the Syrian territory, and the details obtained by the Observatory from reliable sources: it is expected that regime’s authorities in the coming period will completely resolve the forces loyal to them, which have participated along regime’s army forces as ally forces, the sources added that this direction –of which a decision is being prepared after a Russian request– came during the visit of the Syrian regime President Bashar al-Assad to Russia and his meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that the Russian request included not only the dissolution of pro-regime militia who are supported by the regime, but also including the resolve of the Iranian-backed militia who are funded by the Iranian side operating on the Syrian soil, this decision have spread a wide resentment among members these pro-regime forces, who participated alongside the regime forces in all the battles that took place on the Syrian territory, objecting this decision of which the regime force seek to issue, where the sources confirmed that it will include either the option of permanently demobilizing members of the allied forces, or formally enrolling them in the ranks of regime’s Army.

This Russian request and the consultations of regime’s authorities regarding issuing the decision in a future period; came after series of violations in the past months and years by the regime forces, and after the increase of frequency of these violations in areas controlled by the regime forces and the militiamen loyal to them, where these loyal forces have carried out looting operations for thousands of houses and robbed tens of thousands of citizens of their personal belongings and money, whether on the checkpoints or in villages, towns and cities from Aleppo city until the Western Ghouta, the Eastern Ghouta, Homs city and countryside, Aleppo countryside, and the countryside of Homs, Hama, south Damascus, Rif Dimashq, south Rif Dimashq, Deir Ezzor, al-Raqqah and other areas in Syria, and what provoked the regime and the Russians even more is the deliberate flee of some of the non-opposition people from regime’s conscription service toward areas controlled by these militias who are loyal to the regime forces, also the resentment increased among regime’s authorities due to this phenomenon which continued in the past years, especially after the killing, defection and injury of tens of thousands of members of the regime forces in the clash against the rebel and Islamic factions, the “Islamic State” organization and Hayyaat Tahrir al-Sham “Jabhat al-Nusra”, while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death of about 50000 members of regime’s loyal Syrian fighters, who fight in the clashes and confrontations alongside the regime, in addition to the injury of tens of thousands more and the flee of thousands others.

And the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also published yesterday, what several sources from Al-Hasakah city confirmed to the SOHR, that the Kurdish Internal Security Forces (Asayish), have stopped vehicles carrying tens of dignitaries and public figures from Al-Hasakah city and its countryside, while they were heading to Aleppo province, and the sources said that the dignitaries and notables whose number approximated 50 persons, were arrested while they were heading to take part in a clan conference supposed to be held in Aleppo, about the rejection of the American and Turkish presence on the Syrian territory, while the same sources confirmed that Asayish Forces released those who they arrested.