The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Death toll of warplanes’ massacre in Zardana rises to 44, the largest massacre at the Idlib province in 2018

Idlib province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the number of people who were killed continues to rise in Zardana town in the northeastern countryside of Idlib, where it rose to at least 44 including 6 children and 11 women, the number of the citizens whose death was documented by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, as a result of the massacre the was carried out by warplanes most likely to be Russian warplanes in Zardana town, and the death toll is expected to rise because there are some people in critical situation, and due to the presence of missing under the rubble of destruction caused by aerial bombardment, where the rise in death toll comes after recovering more bodies from under the destruction by the rescue teams, who continue to search under the rubble caused by the raids, in addition to the death of civilian affected by their severe injuries, where about 60 people were injured by the raids with varying severity.

And with the rise in number of victims of this massacre, it has become the largest massacre carried out by warplanes at Idlib province during the year 2018, after which comes the massacre of Harem, which took place on 22nd of March 2018, and killed 43 casualties including 17 children and 2 women, who were killed in the massacre in the city located in the northern countryside of Idlib, which was carried out by warplanes believed at that time to by Russian, it also caused considerable destruction and a large number of wounded, also it worth mentioning that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored in the first 10 days of May 2018; on consecutive massacres and aerial bombardments targeted several areas in the countryside of Idlib, in which 29 civilians including 10 children and 5 women were killed, in addition to wounding tens of others with varying severity and destroying the property of citizens.