The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In the shadow of the failure of parties to reach an agreement about the Syrian south, the countryside of Daraa witnesses more assassinations

An explosion was heard in al-Hara town in the countryside of Daraa, caused by an IED explosion in a vehicle of a rebel gathering which injured a person, also unidentified gunmen targeted 2 persons one of them is believed to be a fighter, where they shot their car in the Eastern al-Gharya area in the eastern countryside of Daraa, which killed one of them and injured the other, this comes within the context of escalating the assassinations by unknown gunmen in the countryside of Daraa, where the targeting is carried out by IEDs and firing.

The Syrian Observatory published last night that  countryside of Daraa is still witnessing continued failures at reaching an agreement about the situation in the Syrian South, where it still witnessing a continued state of security chaos, either by the abductions which are carried out almost daily, or the assassinations which are carried out at similar periods of time, and since the start to pay attention to the file of the Syrian South, after the presence of the organization in the south of the capital Damascus was completely finished and its departure from the capital on the 22nd of May 2018, and after spotting the lights and moving towards the file of the Syrian South, in order to reach a local – regional – international solution about it, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented escalated assassinations which targeted the members of the “reconciliation” committees, which work with the regime in both Daraa and Al-Quneitra countryside, in order to reach local “reconciliations” inside the Syrian South.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored assassinations which targeted and killed 11 members of the reconciliation committees, in Daraa countryside, where they were targeted by unidentified gunmen, either by shooting them or detonating IEDs in their vehicles, also failed assassination attempts were carried out against a number of members of the “reconciliation” committees, within the assassinations which reached 25 assassinations in Daraa countryside, since they started to be escalated along with the start of the regime’s mobilizations and its threats of the military operation that is being prepared for, in the Syrian South, since the regime forces dropped leaflets calling for “reconciliation, drop of weapons, and, cooperation to stop the bloodshed” on the 25th of May, where this assassination and the other ongoing assassinations come after the start of mobilization by the regime forces and their allies in the Syrian South in preparations for a military operation in the case of the failure of the negotiations which are underway between regional and international parties about the situation in the Syrian South.

And the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received information reporting that negotiations are underway between regional and international parties about the current and future situation of the military forces operating in the countryside of Daraa and Quneitra, and the information reported that Jordanian – American – Russian consultations are taking place about several points concerning the stay of the rebel and Islamic factions operating in Daraa; in exchange for handing over their medium and heavy weapons, and the entry of Russian military police, and that any force or members belong to the Iranian forces, the Lebanese Hezbollah and their affiliated militia will not enter, and the border points will be handed over to regime’s police and its border guards, and also the area will be managed by local councils that will be formed from residents of the area, while the SOHR has monitored the inability of the factions who are in control of the area, to control the security situation and prevent the repetition of such incidents, where the unidentified gunmen carry out abductions, murders, shooting and planting IEDs on the ways of civilian and military cars and vehicles, while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored on the 25th of May 2018, helicopters flying over Daraa province, dropping leaflets as a warning to the rebel and Islamic factions operating in the province, there were two versions of the leaflets, and they say:

“Don’t be like these, this is the inevitable end, for anyone who insists on keep carrying the guns, the ensure of your life is an irreplaceable opportunity, don’t lose it with your stubbornness, drop your weapon and leave before it’s too late” and the other leaflets say: “your life and the fate of your children are more important than your stubbornness, hey gunman, for whom you are gambling with your life?! Why don’t you live with your family and your children like others?! Where are they those who pushed you to die, those who made the career of murder, sabotage, and destruction a beautiful career in your eyes?! All of them have abandoned you and went for the death, you have two choices, either the inevitable death or abandoning the weapon, the men of the Syrian Arab Army are coming, make your decision before it is too late.”

Dropping these leaflets came with a Russian push and supervision, and comes in an attempt to achieve a “reconciliation” in Daraa province, or to turn after that to the option of military operation, of which the regime forces and their allies and with the Russian support; have started preparing for, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the regime forces bringing military reinforcements with their allies to the area, where tens of vehicles and hundreds of members have been transported to Daraa province in the Syrian south, in addition to the vehicles and members who have returned from the confrontation with the “Islamic State” organization in south Damascus.

Daraa province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: al-Ruba’ei checkpoint east of Adwan town in western countryside of Daraa; is witnessing violent clashes between Jaysh Khalid Ibn al-Walid which swore allegiance to the “Islamic State” organization against the rebel and Islamic Factions, after an attack by members of the first mentioned, in an attempt to control the checkpoint, and the clashes coincide with exchange of targeting in the clash areas between both parties, amid targeting between both parties which injured 2 citizens in Yarmouk basin west of Daraa.