The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

With increased fears of an attack closes Tehran – Beirut road completely, the Iranian forces and their allies bring more military reinforcements to al-Bokamal

Deir Ezzor province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the arrival of more military reinforcements in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, in conjunction with increased concerns among the Iranian forces, the Lebanese Hezbollah, and the loyalist gunmen and supporters; from a massive attack by the “Islamic State” Organization that may let them loses control of al-Bokamal city, which has a strategic importance as the link to opening the road of Tehran – Beirut, where the battles of opening this road were led by Qasim Soleimani, and the reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that more fighters have been brought aboard tens of military vehicles along with equipment and ammunition, as part of the preparations by the Iranian Forces and the gunmen loyal to them, fortifying their positions, and strengthening their presence points to repel any possible attack in the coming days by the “Islamic State” organization, Whose areas of presence are witnessing a state of alert among its members and preparations for a violent attack in the desert of Deir Ezzor, in an attempt to achieve its goal of expanding its control, after previous series of operations that left hundreds of casualties and injuries of the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities and the Iranian forces.

These preparations and bringing of reinforcements come in the wake of the strike that targeted regime’s loyal gunmen of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities, which took place on the 17th of June 2018 and killed 55 of them including 16 members of the regime forces (including 4 officers) and 30 Iranians, while the nationalities of the other 9 are not known until now, it worth mentioning that the warplanes that targeting the above-mentioned sites have used the same airspace used by the International Coalition warplanes, and the death toll is expected to rise because there are some people in critical situation.

While the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published about 72 hours that preparations are under way for a large-scale military operation in Deir Ezzor Desert; within the eastern sector of the Province west of Euphrates River, and in the details obtained by the Syrian Observatory: the “Islamic State” organization is mobilizing its members and vehicles in the area between al-Bokamal and al-Mayadin at the west Banks of Euphrates river, in conjunction with another mobilization in the area between al-Bokamal and the 2nd Station (T2), where the “Islamic State” organization is preparing for a violent attack against the regime forces, Iranian forces, the Lebanese Hezbollah and the gunmen loyal to them of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities.

Reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the preparations comes after the “Islamic State” organization was able to seize large quantities of weapons, ammunition, and equipment during its attacks against the regime forces and their allies west of Euphrates River, al-Bokamal city, and the 2nd Station, and after hundreds of its members were able to cross Euphrates River from its east bank to its west bank, where reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that these preparations coincide with apprehension among the Iranian forces that the “Islamic State” organization may able to close their most important strategic road; the road of Tehran – Beirut road, which led the battles of its opening with control of the Abu Kamal the commander of al-Quds Legion the prominent Iranian general Qasim Soleimani in late 2017.