The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Hezbollah and the Iranians withdraw 40 kilometers from the borders of Golan and Jordan and the regime shell Daraa by hundreds of missiles and shells to force the factions to accept the Russian terms

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights obtained information from reliable sources, who confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that the Iranian forces, the Lebanese Hezbollah, and the gunmen loyal to them who are backed by Iran; have stated withdrawing from the Syria south toward areas 40 kilometers away from the border with the occupied Syrian Golan and the Syrian – Jordanian border, in response to Russian demands that the Iranians and Hezbollah should withdraw from this area after Russian consultations with regional parties, the sources also confirmed that the Russians have given way for the Jordanians and Americans, to discuss with the factions the possibility of reaching a solution regarding the Syrian south, while the regime forces since yesterday until the moment have been intensifying their shelling on Daraa province, and areas in the countryside of Quneitra, where they are targeting the eastern countryside of Daraa by tens of shells and tens of missiles, which caused significant material damage and killed at least 8 citizens Including 3 women.

Also, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored shelling by more than 330 shells and missile on the towns of Bosr al-Harir, Eastern Mleha, and Nahta, in conjunction with launching more than 40 shells on al-Lajat area and other places in the eastern sector of the countryside of Daraa, which caused more destruction in the property of citizens, where this shelling aims to force the factions operating in the countryside of Daraa  –which have agreed to form a central operation room in the Syrian south– to yield and accept the Russian conditions to achieve a “reconciliation and agreement” in Daraa and Quneitra provinces, and to preventing a military action that would cause a large human losses of civilians, fighters, members of both parties, also the regime forces are shelling these areas which include the least number of villages; trying to find a corridor for them in case no agreement was reached, to start a military operation that would split factions’-controlled areas, where the factions control the largest part of Daraa and Al-Quneitra, while the factions targeted sites of the regime forces, and information about casualties.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian Observatory monitored calm in the Syrian South, on the contact lines between the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them against the rebel and Islamic factions, started on Friday night, the 15th of June 2018, and lasted for 48 hours along with the preparations that have been taking place since about 3 weeks by the regime forces and their allies and between the factions, for an expected military operation if the local, regional and international parties fail definitively to reach an agreement about the Syrian south, which has been witnessing since July 2017 an agreement between Jordan, Russia and the United States of America about de-escalation and decrease the combat operations, and this clam in the Syrian south coincides with the failure of the international and regional parties to find a consensual formula about the future of the Syrian south, and at the same time the Iranians are still refusing to withdraw with the militia loyal to them of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities, also intersected sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that no consensus had yet been reached about the Iranian withdrawal towards other Syrian areas, and no agreement has been reached on any items about the Syrian south, which has been witnessing a Russian – American – Jordanian agreement since July 2017, and this agreement has witnessed hundreds of violations by the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities, as well as the rebel and Islamic factions operating in the areas where the agreement takes place in al-Quneitra, al-Suwaidaa and Daraa provinces, while Daraa province, and al-Quneitra province, has been witnessing since the 25th of May 2018 the regime forces’ continuation of their mobilizations and bringing military reinforcements of their members and the militiamen loyal to them, in a preparation for a military operation in both provinces of Daraa and Al-Quneitra in the Syrian South, which has been witnessing a truce and a cessation of combat operations since 2017, where more reinforcements have arrived in the northern countryside of Al-Quneitra and Daraa countryside, in a preparation for a military operation which is expected to start in the case that an agree is not reached with the factions of the Syrian South, and the Syrian Observatory published few hours ago, that it monitored the factions of Daraa city and its countryside fortifying their points of deployment and position, and putting barricades and preparing the military vehicles, weapons as well as providing points and sites with weapons and ammunitions, and intersected sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that this fortifying process comes in preparation for a potential military operation, of which the regime and the Russians may carry out in Daraa province and Syrian south, where the fortifications included sites of the factions in the countryside of Quneitra as a part of the preparation process for a violent clashes the regime forces may launch with their allies at any time in the coming days, despite the Russian – American – Jordanian agreement in the Syrian south that has been in effect since the 9th of July 2017, while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published on the 7th of June 2018, that the Iranian Forces are still refusing the Russian proposal in withdrawing from Daraa and Quneitra provinces as well as the entire Syrian south towards other areas in central Syria, the sources told the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the Iranian Forces imposed a condition in exchange for their withdrawal towards the desert and central Syria, which is the evacuation of al-Tanf base of the American and International Coalition Forces on the Syrian – Iraqi border, as a condition for them to leave the Syrian south, of which Russia is working with the regime to reach a solution about the area, through local discussions with the factions and regional with Syria’s neighboring countries.