The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Two explosions shook Afrin city kill and injure 15 people at least hours after internal clashes between factions of “Olive Branch” Operation

Aleppo Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: 2 violent explosions shook Afrin city which is controlled by the Turkish Forces and the factions of “Olive Branch” Operation, the intersected sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that the one of the explosions was caused by an explosion of car believed to be a booby trapped vehicle near Kawa al-Haddad roundabout area in the center of the city, and both explosions caused the smoke to rise as well as casualties, where the sources confirmed that more than 15 people were killed and injured in the explosion, but the nature of the second explosion is not known until now if it was caused by a booby-trapped vehicle or as a result of targeting the area of the first explosion.

Those explosions came hours after an internal fight between the factions operating in the “Olive Branch” Operation, where the Syrian Observatory published this morning that Afrin city which is located in the northwest countryside of Aleppo, is witnessing tension between the factions of “Olive Branch” Operation, who control Afrin city and its countryside under the command of the Turkish Forces, and in the details obtained by the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights: a disagreement between took place between al-Mu’tasim Brigade and al-Jabha al-Shamiyyah inside Afrin city, and it turned into fight and clashes between both parties using machineguns, and according to sources of the Syrian Observatory; the cause of clashes was a disagreement over a military checkpoint, and the fight turned into clashes using heavy machineguns and grenades near Kawa roundabout in al-Ashrafieh area inside Afrin city, which caused casualties, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documenting the death of at least 1 member of the factions and the injury of about 10 others with varying severity.