The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

((Videos and pictures)) the massacre of Ayn al-Tina claims the lives of 14 citizens mostly of children and women and thousands of the displaced people at the border with Golan suffer from deteriorating humanitarian situations

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the return of warplanes to carry out their strikes targeting areas in Yarmouk Basin in the western countryside of Daraa, where the warplanes targeted by about 10 strikes, places in Tasil area which is controlled by Jaysh Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed in Yarmouk Basin in Daraa countryside, which caused material damage amid information about the fall of wounded, and these are the first raids to target the area of Yarmouk Basin in 5 days after the bombardment which was coincided with the clashes which took place at this time, against the rebel and Islamic factions, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also monitored the escalation of the tragedy of the residents displaced from Daraa and Al-Quneitra provinces who were headed to areas adjacent to the border line with the occupied Syrian Golan, where reliable sources confirmed to the SOHR that thousands of displaced people who are located in these areas are afraid of being subjected to shelling or targeting, which increases the tragedy they suffer from, in the light of tough humanitarian conditions and lack of medical aid and food presented for them, while, and in the same time, the regime forces send aid to the towns which are included within “reconciliations and settlements” with them in Daraa countryside, were the aid are being successively sent to the residents who suffer looting of their property every day by Pro-regime gunmen, and by the regime forces, before the Russian guarantee which is not able to stop the attack of the locusts of the “Homeland Army” on the property of the citizens in their land and country.

In the same context, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the number of casualties of Ayn al-Tina massacre has increased again, where it rose to 14 at least, the number of citizens who were killed and documented by the SOHR in the massacre which took place as a result of the bombardment on Ayn al-Tinah town today morning, the 17th of July 2018, and the Syrian Observatory learned that among the death toll, there are 4 women and 5 children, while some of the corpses were turned into pieces and others were charred as a result of the intensity of bombardment which targeted the town, and the death toll is expected to increase due to the presence of injured cases in serious conditions, thus, it rose to at least 180 including 37 children and 37 women, the number of civilians casualties who were killed since the 19th June 2018.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published hours ago, that the rise in the death toll coincides with the regime forces being able to expand their control in Daraa Province, by controlling the entire part of Muthallath al-Mawt that is located northwest of the province, where the regime forces completely controlled Aqraba, al-Mal and its hill, the hill of al-Mahs, and the areas of Jasem and al-Alya, expanding their control to at least 91% of the area of Daraa province, while Jaysh Khalid Ibn al-Walid which swore allegiance to the “Islamic State” Organization still controls 7.2% of the area of the province, in an enclave within the triangle of the Jordanian border – occupied Golan border – Daraa countryside, also the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented since the 19th of June 2018 significant number casualties in the ranks of the regime forces and the factions, where it rose to 185 at least, the number of members of the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them who were killed since the 19th of June 2018, the date of the start of the military operation by the regime forces in the countryside of Daraa, while it rose to 189 at least, the number of fighters of the faction who were killed in the same period, as a result of the aerial bombardment, missile, and clashes. the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored renewed bombardment by warplanes the helicopter targeting al-Alya and Majdolia and the area between al-Hara and Nabe’a’ al-Sakhr and areas in Nabe’a’ al-Sakhr town , and other places on the road of Tamr – Ayn al-Tinah, raising to about 1560, the number of raids and barrel bombs that targeted the countryside of Quneitra and Muthallath al-Mawt in the northwest of Daraa during the past 48 hours, since the dawn of yesterday, Sunday, the 15th of July 2018, until this morning, Tuesday, the 17th of the same month, including more than 330 airstrikes and barrel bombs, while the Syrian Observatory published last night that the developments are still continuing in the Syrian South, in terms of the military operations and negotiations, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored that the residents in more villages and towns in Al-Quneitra countryside, raised the internationally recognized Syrian flag, where the villages and towns of Suwaysah, the eastern Zubaydah, the western Zubaydah, Al-Dawayah Al-Kabirah and Qarqas, have raised the flag, in conjunction with marches and demonstrations supporting the regime forces inside these areas, after the same flags had been raised in Al-Hajjah, Al-Qsibah and Ayn al-Tina, and after imposing military control by the regime forces on MasHara town and its hill, as well as their ability to impose their control almost completely over the part of Daraa included within the Muthallath al-Mawt (the triangle of death) in the north-west of the province.


Video by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights shows the victims of the massacre that took place this morning in Ayn al-Tinah town, in the mid-sector countryside of Al-Quneitra, which killed 14 civilians including 9 children and women






Video by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights shows displaced people from the countryside of Daraa at the border with the occupied Syrian Golan, where the displaced people are calling for protecting them in the shadow of the military operations southern Syria







Pictures by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights for the massacre which took place on Tuesday morning, 17th of July 2018, in Ayn al-Tinah town at the administrative border of Quneitra province with Daraa province, in which 14 civilians including children and women, were killed