On charge of "belonging to Jaysh al-Thowwar and participating in roaming bodies of fighters in Afrin", a faction of "Olive Branch" Operation kills a young man under torture • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

On charge of “belonging to Jaysh al-Thowwar and participating in roaming bodies of fighters in Afrin”, a faction of “Olive Branch” Operation kills a young man under torture

Aleppo Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: a young man killed under torture in a camp of the factions operating in the Turkish forces-led Operation “Olive Branch”, and in the details documented by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the young man was arrested after getting out of the police prison by a group of a faction of Hayyaat Tahrir al-Sham, where he was tortured, severely beaten, and tortured, after he was accused of belonging to the “Jaysh al-Thowwar which operate under SDF banner”, and he was beaten during the interrogation on the pretext of his participation in the operation of “roaming of the YPG in Afrin city at the end of April 2016 with tens of bodies of fighters who were killed in an attack on areas controlled by SDF in the northern countryside of Aleppo”, where the torture was escalated and he died under torture, amid information about the “arrest of those involved in the torture and murder, and bring them to be held accountable.”

It worth mentioning that 53 persons at least of the rebel and Islamic factions were killed and documented by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights; after an attack carried out on the 27th of April 2016 on the areas of al-Bilona and Ein Daqneh in the northern countryside of Aleppo, were the factions attempted to regain control over both areas which were previously controlled by the Syria Democratic Forces, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received a copy of a video shows about 50 bodies on a tank carrier of Syria Democratic Forces, and the bodies were toured the streets of Afrin city amid hundreds of citizens, also during the clashes 11 fighters of the Syria Democratic Forces were killed.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published 2 days ago that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is continuing to monitor the violations, arrests and assaults against the residents of Afrin area, of who remained under the oppression of the Turkish guns and the whip of the factions under the Turkish command, after they took the control of Afrin area in March 2018, after a wide-scale military operation led by the Turkish forces with the participation of a large number of the Turkish-backed rebel and Islamic factions, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored in the last 10 days, the escalated pace of violations against the residents of Afrin area, as well as abusing them, where factions operating in Afrin city and in villages in its countryside, are continuing to trade in citizens through arresting them then they are taken to their headquarters where they are beating hard and tortured, then the factions impose a sum of money in return for setting the detainees free, while local sources confirmed to the SOHR that they are released only after paying sums of money, and in some cases, the civilian detainees are killed as a result of the shocking torture, or the inability of their families to ensure the sum of money requested for releasing them, by the factions of the “Olive Branch” Operation, the last of which was the killing of a citizen and the torture of his brother after raiding their house and thieving their property of gold and money, where one of them was taken and then released after thieving the property of the detained person and his brother, then he died as a result of being unable to be treated due to the savage beating he subjected to.

In the same context, reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that the faction of Ahrar al-Sharqiyyah Gathering, has resettled more than 20 young men of the displaced people of the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus, in houses in Raju town, where the young men were former fighters in Al-Rahman Corps, and they were resettled by the Gathering after being recruited in its ranks in Afrin area, along with seizing more property of the citizens of agricultural lands, farms, houses, vehicles and other property by members and fighters of these factions, where some of immovable properties are being completely seized, while the movable properties are being seized, of furniture, vehicles, jewelry, and electronic devices, while locals confirmed the SOHR that fighters of some factions have ignited the property of citizens as a revenge against some of them, and as a response for citizens’ refusal to pay royalties for the factions which are located in their controlled areas in the vicinity of Afrin city and the areas of Bulbula, Raju, Sharra, Shirawa, Jendires, Maabatli and Meidan Ekbis, where the factions sat on fire in hundreds of fruitful olive trees, and farms which raged the resentment of the residents in which the Turkish forces which claimed that they came to “liberate” them, became the perpetrator of violations and allow them to be carried out without deterring any faction, where reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory that some residents became afraid of moving in Afrin countryside, for fear of being arrested or assaulted by the factions, which turned the roads to Afrin and the widespread checkpoints, into sources for funding themselves by looting and robbing the passengers.

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