The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

41 people were killed yesterday including 14 members of the regime forces and their allied militiamen, and 16 persons were killed in different circumstances in several Syrian areas

In Aleppo province, 9 persons including several fighters of the factions, were killed due to 3 bombings which targeted Akhtarin and Bab Limon in Aleppo countryside.

And in Daraa province, 4 persons at least including a citizen woman were killed as a result of bombardment on Yarmouk Basin.

And in Idlib province, 3 citizens including a child girl and a woman were killed after being shot by the Turkish border guards while they were trying to cross to the Turkish side.

Also, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored in the past hours, an assassination which targeted 4 fighters of a rebel front on the road between Ariha – Al-Mastumah.

While it rose to at least 61, the number of casualties of the members of Jaysh Khalid Ibn al-Walid which swore allegiance to the “Islamic State” Organization, who were killed in bombardment and clashes in areas in Yarmouk Basin in the western countryside of Daraa.

And 9 members of the regime forces and their allied militiamen were killed in shelling and clashes against ISIS and the factions.

And at least 4 fighters of ISIS and the factions of non-Syrian nationalities were killed in clashes and bombardment of warplanes and helicopters and shelling on their areas of presence.