The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In a non-final death toll, 246 have been killed in the massacres and attacks of the bloody Wednesday in al-Suwaidaa city and its countryside

Al-Suwaidaa Province, the Syrian Observatory for human Rights: the death toll continues to rise in al-Suwaidaa city and its countryside against the backdrop of the bloodiest attacks on the province on Wednesday, the 25th of July 2018, where it rose to 246 at least, the number of people who were killed, and they are: 135 civilians including 34 children and women, and 111 armed men the majority of them were gunmen from the countryside of al-Suwaidaa province, who took up arms to repel the attack of the “Islamic State” organization, and this raise in death toll comes after the death of several wounded affected by their wounds, in addition to finding some missing people who were field-executed during the “Islamic State” Organization’s attacks on the eastern and northeastern countryside of al-Suwaidaa, and the death toll is expected to rise because there are some people in critical situation, in addition to missing people whose fate is still unknown, where sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that several civilians have been abducted and taken to areas controlled by the organization in the northeastern desert of al-Suwaidaa, and some bodies of families were found in their homes when the people returned to their villages that were attacked by ISIS members.

The Syrian Observatory published yesterday, Wednesday, that it monitored the number of casualties in the ranks of the “Islamic State” organization has increased, where it rose to 45 at least, the number of ISIS members who were killed in this violent attack on Al-Suwaidaa countryside and Al-Suwaidaa city, including 7 suicide bombers who blew themselves up in the city and in its countryside, while the SOHR monitored that Pro-regime gunmen have hanged up a member of the organization, local sources said that he was detained during the arrival of his body in a hospital in Al-Suwaidaa city, where he was executed and his body was hanged up in the city, amid a crowd of tens of citizens in the area, on the other hand, the Syrian Observatory monitored that the Pro-regime gunmen managed to advance again and take the control of the entire villages and positions which they lost in this attack, also a state of tension is prevailing Al-Suwaidaa city and the villages connected to its desert, for fear of renewing the attack by the organization.