The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After the first execution against a kidnapped person of al-Suwaidaa and along with the arrival of more reinforcements for the regime; negotiations resume with ISIS about exchange of corpses, wounded, and abductees

Al-Suwaidaa province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: negotiations continue between representatives of the regime and the “Islamic State” organization regarding the file of people abducted by ISIS during its attacks on al-Suwaidaa city and its eastern and northeastern countryside on the 25th of July 2018, where the Syrian Observatory learned that the negotiations were resumed between both parties to reaching a final agreement, after rejecting the conditions of the organization, which provided for the transfer of its members from Yarmouk Basin to al-Suwaidaa Desert in exchange for the release about 30 women, children, and boys who had been kidnapped from al-Suwaidaa province, and the Syrian Observatory learned that the negotiation is now revolve around 2 key items, namely, the handover of the kidnapped people by ISIS in exchange for handing over the bodies and wounded of the Organization by the gunmen of al-Suwaidaa who have been with them after the attacks of the bloody Wednesday, and these negotiations came in conjunction with the arrival of more military reinforcements to the villages located on the first line adjacent to the eastern and northeastern countryside of al-Suwaidaa, after the arrival and deployment of reinforcements over the past 48 hours.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published today morning, Sunday, the 5th of August 2018 that the “Islamic State” organization executed a boy of who were kidnapped by ISIS during the attacks on al-Suwaidaa and its eastern an northeastern countryside on Wednesday, the 25th of July 2018, and in the details Obtained by the Syrian Observatory: the organization executed a 19-year-old boy from al-Shabaki village, who was among more than 30 children, teenagers, and women abducted by ISIS during its attacks on the area, where the execution took place on Thursday the 2nd of August 2018, and the Syrian Observatory learned that this execution is the first execution against al-Suwaidaa abductees, and came after the fail of negotiations between the “Islamic State” organization and the regime forces on transferring ISIS fighters to the Syrian desert from southwest of Daraa, in addition to the execution of more than 50 citizens and fighters of Jaysh Khalid Ibn al-Walid which swore allegiance to the organization in the southwestern countryside of Daraa, and the Syrian Observatory fears that the “Islamic State” organization may execute the abducted women of al-Suwaidaa Province; as a result of stripping the women by the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them in the southwestern countryside of Daraa and stealing their gold.