المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Negotiating committees continue preparations for the release of al-Suwaidaa abductees and the delivery of females detained by SDF and the regime, and logistical impediments delay its completion

Al-Suwaidaa Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the continuation of work of the negotiating committees and mediators in the deal of releasing the abductees from the countryside of al-Suwaidaa province, and reliable sources told the Syrian Observatory that the reasons for the delay in releasing the kidnapped people and carrying out the exchange between abductees of al-Suwaidaa countryside with regime’s detainees and those held by SDF, continues to be related to logistical reasons, as it is expected that in the coming hours or the next few days, the process of releasing the kidnapped will be carried out of the 18 abducted children and 9 citizen women abducted from the first-line populated villages adjacent to al-Suwaidaa desert, on the 25th of July 2018, after the deadliest and most violent attack since the beginning of the Syrian revolution 2011.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned from the same sources that the work is still in force in accordance with the Russian guarantees, and in accordance with the agreement between ISIS and representatives of the regime mediated by the elders of the area, amid a state of anticipation prevails al-Suwaidaa which witnessed in previous times sit-ins and demands for the regime to release the kidnapped people, and the Syrian Observatory published in the last 24 hours that a state of anticipation for the release of abductees of al-Suwaidaa countryside who have been detained for 85 consecutive days by the organization, which negotiates committees of al-Suwaidaa province to release them and the children with them, while families of the abductees in particular and people of al-Suwaidaa in general are monitoring the developments of negotiations closely between the “Islamic State” organization and the committee assigned to resolve the abductees’ issue, which in turn witnessed a remarkable development, where the people in the city and its countryside are hoping to reach an agreement leading to the near release of the 18 abducted children and 9 abducted women, who were kidnapped by the “Islamic State” Organization in the bloody Wednesday in Al-Suwaidaa and its eastern countryside on the 25th of July 2018, and credible sources suggested to the Syrian Observatory that the process of release could take place in the coming hours, with promises made to Russia by Sheikhs of al-Aql Druze community, about recruiting the young men of al-Suwaidaa province and attaching them to the “conscription service”; in exchange for the release of abductees, while negotiations coincide with the continued cessation of military operations in Tlul al-Safa area in the desert of Rif Dimashq, between the regime forces and their allies against members of the organization since yesterday, Tuesday, until now.

the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights publishe don the 11th of October 2018, that it learned that the file of the people who were kidnapped from Al-Suwaidaa countryside, is witnessing an obvious breakthrough, where the matters are taking a positive curve, and the reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that the obstacle is not in terms of material matters, but it is all about the fact that the lists which are presented by the regime to the “Islamic State” organization about the female detainees who are supposed to be released from the regime’s detention centers, are subjected to a process of names replacement by the organization and it also select new names, and if the matter is only related to the case of names replacement, the issue of the abductees will be solved in the incoming hours, amid cautious anticipation for the developments of the situation in the province, and in the details monitored by the Syrian Observatory: cautious anticipation prevails al-Suwaidaa as a result of the end the deadline requested by the Sheikh Abdul Wahab Abu Fakhr, the representative of the Sheikh of the Unitarian Druze Aql, to release the 18 abducted children and 9 citizen women who are detained by the “Islamic State” Organization, which ended without any developments in the file of abductees, where Abu Fakhr’s requested 48-hours limit 2 days ago to resolve the issue of abductees, but the deadline expired on Thursday, the 11th of October 2018, and the Syrian Observatory monitored tension in the area as a result of fears among the people of the developments of the situation, after al-Karama sheikhs who are working under the command of the children of the Sheikh Wahid al-Bal’ous; addressed the protesters by saying that “there is no  dignity in the sit-in and if you want your kidnapped people then carry the weapon and liberate them yourselves,” also al-Karama sheikhs threatened al-Suwaidaa province and the representative of al-Aql Sheikh, after the latter demanded the protesters to break the sit-in for 48 hours to solve the kidnapped people’s issue; and  if they are not released then they have the right to re-establish their sit-in at the place they want, the Syrian Observatory also published on the 10th of October 2018, that  the Syrian Observatory has monitored of the cautious calm that is accompanied with a state of anticipation, as the deadline demanded by Sheikh Abdul Wahab Abu fakhr; the representative of sheikh of the unitary Druze sect Hikmat al-Hijri from the protesters of families of the people who were abducted and other people who stand with them in the provincial square, under which the sit-in was suspended on the 8th of October 2018, where the people are now waiting to see how the situation will become in al-Suwaidaa Province.

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