A lady from Ras al-Ayn (Sari Kani) tells her testimony to the Observatory: I claimed to be Arab and paid 27000 Lira to enter the city and found my house stolen and one of its rooms burned

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights obtained the testimony of a woman from Ras al-Ayn (Sari Kani) area, where she displaced to al-Hasakah because of the Turkish military operation, “Peace Spring,” according to the lady -who is of an old age- she managed to cross to her area, where she was trying to find out what happened to her home, the lady said: “I managed to cross into the city after claiming that I was Arab and paid 27000 Lira so they allow me to cross from the checkpoints of the factions.”

And the lady continued: “from what I saw, the city was divided between the Turkey-loyal factions, and they put several checkpoints on the outskirts of each street, I was forced to pay 5000 Lira for each checkpoint so I can reach my house, and after I arrived, I found that contents of the entire house had been stolen, and one of its rooms had been burned.”

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