local sources confirm and coalition denies more than 15 Casualties and injuries in airstrikes by the coalition on a village east of Manbij

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was informed by intersecting sources that the international coalition’s warplanes targeted areas in al-Nawajah village located to the east of Manbij city in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo, the airstrikes killed and injured 15 people at least, and some of the wounded are still in dangerous situation, the international coalition’s warplanes had committed a massacre of 57 casualties days ago, including 12 children, when they targeted places in al-Tokhar area in the northern countryside of Manbij, while the international coalition warplanes carried out airstrikes on areas in the city of Manbij, not information about casualties, while an exchange of gunfire and sporadic clashes took place between the Syria Democratic Forces against the “Islamic state” in several areas in Manbij.

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