The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Bullets of the Turkish Jandarma continue to target Syrians and injure a displaced child from Deir Ezzor at the border with Iskenderun

Turkish border guards continue to target the Syrians seeking safe haven on their territory to escape the horror of military operations in Syria, where the Syrian Observatory documented the injury of a child of al-Mayadin city in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, he was shot by the Turkish soldiers while he was trying to cross towards Turkey from Idlib countryside, and the Syrian Observatory published on the 7th of August 2019 that the Turkish arena is witnessing a state of await for the situation of the Syrian refugees there, in light of the restrictions and complex procedures the Turkish government has recently begun to follow for every Syrian who does not have a temporary protection card and resides in Turkey, especially om Istanbul state, in addition to all those who hold a temporary protection card –Kimlik– issued by one state but its holder resides in another state, where the Turkish authorities granted violators a deadline expires on the 20th of August 2019, but despite this deadline, the Turkish authorities continue their security operations against the Syrians in Istanbul and other states, where this deadline is very short and the refugee will not be able to move to another state leaving behind their houses and jobs to start once more a new journey, especially with the deterioration of wages for the Syrians, also the Turkish government has deported more than 6200 Syrians -mostly from Istanbul- to the north of Syria, where the Turkey-loyal factions and the Jihadi groups control, and many of those who were deported already have a temporary protection card, while Turkey remains committed to the motto of “al-Muhajreen and al-Ansar” allegedly, but its practices and previous policy of the government towards the Syrian war are contrary to its claims.

Hundreds of Syrians died in the search for a safe haven in the sister country of Turkey getting far away from the horror of war, but bullets of the border guards prevented them from entering Turkey illegally, the latest of these attempt was by a young man who was arbitrarily deported from Istanbul and tried to return to his family and children in Turkey by illegally entering the country, by he died by the  bullets of the border guards, and the Syrian Observatory documented the death of 429 Syrian civilian by the border guards since the start of the Syrian revolution, including 77 children under the age of eighteen and 39 women over the age of eighteen.

The Syrian Observatory published on the 23rd of July 2019 that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned from reliable sources that Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham has arrested a group of people of those who have been deported by the Turkish authorities in the frame of Turkey’s latest campaign against the Syrian refugees in Turkey, where the group was arrested while entering to the Syrian territory, then they were released except a Christian young man from Al-Salamiyeh city in Hama countryside, where he was taken to unknown destination.

And the SOHR published on the 17th of July 2019, that several Turkish states have been witnessing for several days a significant restriction on Syrian refugees who are present there by the Turkish security forces, where deportations are carried out for every person who does not have the temporary protection card ” Kimlik” towards the Syrian territory to the areas that are controlled by the factions and the jihadi groups in the Syrian north, also anyone who owns a temporary protection card but resides in a state other than the one that issued the “Kimlik” is deported towards that state, where these restrictions are concentrated mainly in Istanbul and other states south of Turkey, and the Syrian Observatory learned from several intersected sources that the Turkish authorities in the past few days has arbitrarily deported more than 140 Syrians to the Syrian territory, including people who have a temporary protection card for a state other than their residents, they have been deported to Syria and not to the state from which the card was issued, after being treated badly by the security forces and imprisoned for several days, in addition to being forced to sign papers stating that they want to be deported and that if they did not sign then their fate will be the detention until they sign the voluntary deportation papers.

We at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, call on the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to intervene immediately and stop the forced deportation carried out by some members of the security forces against people who have a temporary protection card and people who do not have it, as there are people who have been deported who oppose the Syrian regime and the jihadist groups who are spread in Idlib province, and other areas controlled by the factions, amid an unknown fate pursue them and fears of being arrested by the jihadists.