At the request of Russia…Bashar Al-Assad disbands Rami Makhlouf's military wing • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

At the request of Russia…Bashar Al-Assad disbands Rami Makhlouf’s military wing

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the Syrian president, Bashar Al-Assad, decided to end and disband the military wing of “Al-Bostan” Association owned by his cousin, Rami Makhlouf, after Russia gave its orders to limit the expansion of continuous recruitment by the association , in return for attractive financial salaries especially in the Syrian South, sources confirmed to the SOHR that the association will continues its work in the charitable side maintaining its cadres and management under the supervision of the Syrian “Presidency” and the Social Affairs Ministry, and the SOHR monitored in late 2018, that Al-Bostan Association tries through its representatives, to recruit youths and men with attractive financial salaries of up to US $350 per month, this association is spread in Daraa city and the towns of Qarfa, Izra’a, and Sheikh Meskin, as well as the villages of al-Lajat area east of Daraa, also “al-Bostan Charitable Association” was able through its name and its essence of Tashbih (from Shabiha; the abuse of power) to attract about 1000 persons during this short period, of those who joined it and were recruited, as the same association had done earlier with the sons of the Syrian coast by recruiting them, and putting them on the fronts against the “Islamic State” Organization in Homs Desert at that time.

On the other hand, the association issued a statement on the social media, where it reads “Al-Bostan Charity Foundation confirms that it has been and will remain a part of the Syrian Arab people in lending a helping hand to every needy and patient, and it is always ready for providing medical, service, social and student assistance throughout the national territory, side by side with the government bodies, the foundation has risen with the support and care of the homeland’s leader, Mr. President Bashar Al-Assad, thus, it has grown up and lent a helping hand to thousands of beloved and helped them cross their ordeals, the foundation confirms that it has been still continuing to provide all medical, service and social assistance and will be the major supporter of education and for our students.

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