المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After the killing and injury of 20 members of them .. the regime forces clash against the Turkish forces and factions loyal to them in the south of Ras Al-Ayn city in the first direct confrontation between the both parties

Violent clashes are continuing in the area of Al-Asdiyah south of Ras Al-Ayn city (Sere Kaniye), between the Turkish forces and their loyal factions on one hand, and the regime forces on the other, accompanied by exchange of targeting and shelling, as a part of an attack carried out by the former from the northern and western sides backed by Turkish drones, amid the overflight of Turkish warplanes over the area, in conjunction with rocket shelling carried out by the Turkish forces, also 6 members of the regime forces were injured in Turkish shelling on the area, and in the same context, a commander in the pro-Turkey Corps Al-Majd was killed and 7 other members of the faction were injured with varying severity, due to the explosion of a landmine in their vehicle in the area of Tal Abyad north of Al-Raqqah city.

And the Syrian Observatory published this morning that it monitored the continuation of violent clashes in Abu Rasin area which is located between Tal Tamr and Ras Al-Ayn, between the Syria Democratic forces and the regime forces on one hand, and the Turkey-loyal factions on the other, in an ongoing attack by the latter under a cover of heavy and violent fire power and the factions are also backed by Turkish drones, where the clashes are concentrated in the areas of Al-Arishah, Bab Al-Khair and Um Oshbah, while the SOHR documented the killing of 7 members of the regime forces and the injury of more than 14 others with varying severity, due to the shelling and clashes in the area, also 4 members of the factions were killed in the same clashes, while a child from Tal Mohamed village which is related to Abu Rasin area, was injured after being targeted by the factions and he was hospitalized in Tal Tamr Hospital, in the same context, fierce clashes took place in areas in the countryside of Tal Abyad city, between the pro-Ankara factions against the SDF.

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