Ankara-backed factions' violations continue against displaced people in Afrin • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ankara-backed factions’ violations continue against displaced people in Afrin

Aleppo Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: The Syrian Observatory continues to monitor the violations committed by Turkish-backed factions on an ongoing basis against the remaining of Afrin’s residents.

Gunmen of Turkish-backed “Suleyman Shah” faction stormed a blind woman’s house, in Al Sheikh Hadid district, in rural Afrin, northwest of Aleppo.

They stole the money she has, estimated at 2 million Syrian pounds, the commander of Turkish-backed “Al-Mutassim brigade” seized a number of shops in the center of Afrin, which belong to Afrin’s people who were forced to flee, due to military operation “Olive Branch”, to Aleppo after Turkish forces and Syrian proxies factions took control of the area.

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