The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Routine Russian patrols | Forces tour Tal Tamr in rural Al-Hasakah

Russian forces continue conducting routine patrols in Al-Hasakah countryside as a part of Russia’s plans to entrench its presence in the area.


In this context, SOHR activists monitored a patrol of Russian “Military Police” roaming in areas nearby Tal Tamr town in the northern countryside of Al-Hasakah.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that a Russian patrol of nearly 15 armoured vehicles headed to Kasan village in northern Al-Malikiyah (Dayrik), in order to establish a Russian base in a village’s school. However, the village’s locals (men, women and children) intercepted the Russian vehicles and prevented them from being stationed there, pushing them to get back.


“The Russian patrol retreated to Qasr Deeb village in rural Al-Malikiyah, where Russian forces started establishing a new base a few days earlier, but the residents prevented the patrol from being stationed in this village too, amid growing tension in the area,” the sources added.


It is worth noting that Russia seeks to establish new bases in these two villages which are located in northern and north-western Al-Malikiyah near Syria-Turkey border.