The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

IS advances in the east of Homs, and the regime forces arrest people in the west of Hama

Hama Province: The helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the village of Abo al- Balaya in the east of Hama and on the village of al- Arba’in in the north of Hama. The warplanes carried out new raids on places in the village Bayyoud in the east of Hama.


The regime forces, backed by pro- militiamen, carried out raids on the two villages of al- Rawdah and al- Awaynah in the west of Hama, initial information reported that the regime forces arrested some people.


A fighter from an Islamic battalion died of wounds.


Homs Province: The regime forces opened fire and shelled the neighborhood of al- Wa’er, al- Holi area and village of al- Ghanto.


A man from the neighborhood of al- Wa’er died after he was wounded 2 days ago due to the regime shelling on the neighborhood.


The clashes between the regime forces and IS renewed around Jazel area in the east of Homs, information reported that IS has advanced in the area and confirmed information about casualties on both sides. Other clashes took place between the regime forces against the rebel and Islamic battalions in the west of the city of Talbisah.


Photos show damages caused by shelling and aerial bombardment on the neighborhood of al- Wa’er.