The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More people killed in Idlib, while intensive airstrikes carried out on its countryside


Idlib Province: The helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the city of Khan Sheikhoun and its outskirts in south of Idlib, on places in the village of Basames in al- Zaweyi Mountain and village of Aaneb in Sahel al- Roj. They also dropped other barrels on the township of al- Taman’ah in south of Idlib and on places in the village of Jdarya . The warplanes carried out more raids on places in the township of Seinjar in east of Idlib.


The activists said that 10 bodies of members of the regime forces were found in the city of Ariha, seized by al- Fateh Army in May 28, and that they were executed earlier.


The number of people who were killed yesterday in the province of Idlib has risen to 14, including women and children.