The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More barrel bombs dropped on areas in Daraa and al- Quneitera

Daraa Province: A fighter from the Islamic battalions died in clashes with IS in Al- Lojat area located in northeast of Daraa.


The helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the towns of Al- Hrak and the Eastern Karak, followed by shelling by the regime forces on places in the town of the Eastern Karak, no information about human losses until the moment.


The regime bombed places in the plains that extend between the towns of Kherbet Ghazala and al- Ghraya.

A woman and her grandchild died due to helicopter’s bombing on places in the Western Garyeh town.


Al-Quneitera Province: The helicopters dropped more barrel bombs on areas of al-Ma’laqa. They also struck areas in al-Rafid village and other places on the road between the two villages of al- Rafid and al- Me’laqa with no information about victims.


The regime forces opened heavy fire on the agricultural lands of mid- sector villages of Al-Quneitera leading to fire in people’s properties.