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Deir Ezzor | “Iranian Cultural Centre” arranged trip for students

Deir Ezzor Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: SOHR sources have reported that the “Iranian Cultural Centre” in Deir Ezzor city arranged a trip for school students to “Al-Asdeqaa park” in Hawija Sakr area. This development comes as a part of the Iranians’ attempts to impress residents and instill their ideology in the Syrian society in areas under their control in Deir Ezzor province.


On September 22, Observatory sources reported that the Iranians in Syria were engaged in activities targeting children with the aim to instill their ideologies into the segments of society, trying to polish their image among the people in areas where the Iranians are present.


In this context, the Iranian Cultural Centre in al-Mayadeen opened free evening courses, on September 15, aimed at teaching primary-school students the Persian language. Officials at the Cultural Center informed students and their parents that a cash reward of one million Syrian pounds will be given to every children who could pass the Persian language test with an excellent grade.


It is worth nothing that the Iranian Cultural Center launched this educational activity under the name “Bara’em Al-Furat” (Buds of the Euphrates), as part of Iranian forces’ efforts to strengthen their influence in the Syrian areas they control.


While in July, SOHR activists said that the “Iranian Cultural Centre” in Deir Ezzor city arranged a trip for nearly 30 children from the city to “Al-Asdeqaa park”, constructed by the Iranian center in Hawija Sakr.