Heavy aerial bombardment on Dar'a and Hama countrysides • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Heavy aerial bombardment on Dar’a and Hama countrysides

Hama province: Islamic battalions devastated a car for regime forces near al-Masasena checkpoint in the northern countryside. Explosive barrels were dropped on al-Latamina, amid regime’s bombardment and air strikes around the town, Warplanes raided al-Bowyda and Ma’arkaba. Shells fired by rebels fell on areas of Maharda town which is inhabited by Christians, no reports of losses. rockets fired by rebels fell on Hama military airport.

Dar’a province: a man from Nemr was tortured to death in regime prisons. Explosive barrels were dropped on al-Jeza, al-Taiba, and Dar’a al-Balad, and Busr al-Harir, no reports of losses. Warplanes raided Om al-Walad.

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