The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime attack | Forces renew shelling “de-escalation zone”, targeting 13 towns and villages in rural Idlib and Hama

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has monitored in the early hours of the morning a rocket attack by regime forces on al-Bara, Falifel, Al-Fatira, Safohin, Kansafra, Benin, Kadoura, Ruweiha, Al-Hallouba, Majdalia and San in southern and eastern rural Idlib, Al-Ankawi and Qulaydin in the north-western Hama countryside, amid frequent flights of Russian aircraft over Idlib province.

Yesterday, opposition factions operating under the banner of “Al-Fath Al-Mubin” operations room renewed shelling regime positions in Al-Malajah village, Khan Al-Sabil and Jobas in Idlib countryside. Meanwhile, Russian fighter jets were seen flying over the region.

On the other hand, SOHR sources reported exchange of shelling and clashes with heavy machineguns between the factions and regime forces in Al-Ruwayha frontline in southern Idlib, but no casualties were reported so far.