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After many killed and injured in security raid on Um Al-Romman village | Residents protest in front of “Al-Muwahhidun Al-Druze House” in Al-Suwaidaa city

Al-Suwaidaa Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: reliable sources have informed SOHR that tens of people and dignitaries of “Um Al-Rumman” village in the southern countryside of Al-Suwaidaa, gathered this morning in front of “Al-Muwahhidun Al-Druze House” (the House of the Unitarian Druze community” in Al-Suwaidaa city, blocking the way to the “House”, protesting the death of a young man and injury of three others in a security campaign by regime security services on March 29. According to SOHR sources, the village’s residents and dignitaries, who arrived in Al-Suwaidaa city this morning, will meet with “al-Aqel Sheikhs of the Druze sect” in “Al-Muwahhidun Al-Druze House” to discuss the issue of the regime security services’ “raid” on the village.


On April 2, SOHR sources reported that a young man from Um al-Rumman town in the southern countryside of Al-Suwaidaa was shot dead by gunmen on March 29. Residents of the area accused members of the regime security services of committing the crime, after storming the village at night, with the aim of arresting several people for unknown reasons. Some of the youths in the village intercepted regime security agents, then security agents opened fire on a group of them, killing a young man and injuring three others, including the victim’s brother, who was taken to an unknown destination, according to the locals.


SOHR obtained a copy of a statement issued by the residents of the village of Um al-Rumman in which they demanded “justice without procrastination and all those who participated in the crime hold accountable”. The statement read: “We, residents of um al-Rumman village, would like to provide a clarification on what happened in the village of Um al-Rumman on March 29, 2021:


At around 11:00 p.m., an armed joint security patrol stormed our village with the intention of raiding one of the village houses of al-Nabwani’s family without official permission or informing Mukhtar or any official in the village. The members of the patrol violated the privacy of the houses and fired with medium and light machine guns indiscriminately, causing material damage to the houses. Some of the village’s youths rushed to the shooting scene, and when they arrived, the agents opened fire on them in cold blood, killing the young man Assa’ad Tawfiq al-Barbour dead, who is known for his good reputation, and injuring three young men from the village, they are: Ayham Tawfiq al-Barbour, Mehran Riad Al-Barbour and Hilal Adnan Al-Nabwani.


They also kidnapped the wounded Ayham after his brother was killed in front of his eyes.


Accordingly, we, the people of Um al-Rumman village, demand justice without procrastination and all those participated in this crime against our village hold accountable as soon as possible, and that we will not turn back until justice is done…


Forewarned is forearmed.”