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Syrian desert | Over 70 airstrikes hit ISIS caves and bunkers in 24 hours

SOHR sources have reported that Russian jets have executed new airstrikes on ISIS positions in the Syrian desert, as they carried out over 70 airstrikes in the past 24 hours, targeting positions in Itheriya and its surrounding areas in the eastern countryside of Hama, Al-Rasafah desert in Al-Raqqah countryside, positions in Hama-Aleppo-Al-Raqqah triangle and positions on the administrative border between Al-Raqqah and Deir Ezzor. The airstrikes hit caves and bunkers, which is very likely that ISIS members are holed up in, as well as the back lines in an attempt to put an end to ISIS activity in the region, amid reports of casualties.


Yesterday, SOHR sources have reported that Russian fighter jets executed intensive airstrikes since the early hours of Saturday morning, targeting ISIS caves and bunkers in Aleppo-Hama-Raqqa triangle, amid reports of casualties among ISIS members.


On Friday, SOHR activists documented over 35 Russian airstrikes since morning, which targeted ISIS positions in the Syrian desert, as the airstrikes were concentrated on Jabal Al-Bishri in southern Al-Raqqah and Hama desert.


Meanwhile, combing operations by regime forces and Russian-backed militias continued in several sectors of the Syrian desert.


On April 12, SOHR sources reported that regime forces and Russian-backed militias were deployed in areas of the Syrian desert and Aleppo-Hama-Al-Raqqah triangle, along with preparations for launching a combing operations in several areas of Al-Raqqah desert.


While on April 12, reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory that a military delegation comprising officers of the Russian military police and others from the pro-Russian “Fifth Corps” visited the military airport of Al-Tabqa on Monday, where the delegation conducted an inspection tour in the posts of National Defense Forces and the Fifth Corps in al-Raqqa countryside.


This development coincides with new reinforcement brought in by regime forces and the Fifth Corps in order to launch a new military campaign in the Syrian desert, specifically in the deserts of Safian and Al-Rusafa in al-Raqqa countryside, against ISIS members and cells prevalent in the region, along with a similar campaign by the same forces, backed by Russian air support, in al-Mayadeen desert since the beginning of this month.