In its founding conference | “National Democratic Front”: "Presidential election disagrees with UN resolutions" • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In its founding conference | “National Democratic Front”: “Presidential election disagrees with UN resolutions”

The National Democratic Front held its founding conference today, Tuesday, via video conference, where its members discussed the documents submitted to the conference and referred them to their appropriate central structures.

A presidency body consisting of a president, vice president, rapporteur and a secretary were elected, in addition to electing a central body, to which the task of completing its work related to the functions of the conference, its committees and offices, which would be agreed upon, will be entrusted with.

In a statement to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Suleiman al-Kufairi, a member of the Preparatory Committee, said “the conferees emphasized that the National Democratic Front would strive to be an inclusive of different patriotic Syrians, and every citizen who stands for building a state of citizenship, justice, equality and the state that would not discriminate between citizens for any reason.”

Al-Kufairi stated that the bodies participating in confidence expressed the importance of working for a better future for Syria, pointing out that the conference was conducted via video conference without the attendance of the media or embassies.

“It is expected that a press and political statement will be issued after the completion of the conference, which will be prepared by the central committee,” he added.

Regarding SOHR question about the National Democratic Front’s attitude concerning the elections that regime intends to hold at the end of this month, al-Kufairi said: “the National Democratic Front had issued a statement saying that the election came in bad conditions violated United Nations resolutions, especially Resolution 2254. Whereas, the National Democratic Front will not be interested in participating in these symbolic election. Mahmoud Mer’ei, however, is a problematic figure who was affiliated to the national opposition. However, there is information that there is no satisfaction with his candidacy and there is data by the Arab Organization for Human Rights or the Socialist Union that reveals that there are lawsuits against him.”

The “National Coordination Committee” had announced in March that the Syrian authorities had prevented the holding of a conference where representatives of opposition forces had decided to hold in Damascus to announce the launch of a front called the “National Democratic Front.

At that time, opponents told SOHR that regime authorities not only reported, but also sent members of security service and Police who were deployed in front of the conference headquarters, preventing conferees from entry and exit.

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