The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

To implement new deal items | Russian forces enter Daraa al-Balad with dignitaries and regime security committee

Daraa province: SOHR activists have reported the beginning of entry of Russian military forces into Daraa al-Balad in accompany with members of regime-held security committee and representatives of dignitaries of Daraa in light of enforcing the deal items under Russian mediation.

Earlier in the day, SOHR activists reported alarming calm prevailing Daraa province in the first day of the new deal under the Russian mediation or what is known as the Russian roadmap amid state of anticipation for starting the implementation of the agreement items which are striking new settlement for the wanted and handing over the weapons, deportation of those objecting the deal and entry of the Russian military police to Draa al-Balad and raise the Syrian and the Russian flags, establish joint patrols of the military security and the 8th Liwaa that is affiliated to the 5th Corps that is backed by Russia. Meanwhile, cautious calm has coincided with hover of Russian scouting helicopters over Daraa al-Balad.

Yesterday, SOHR activists had reported that a delegation of the Central Committee in Hauran met with the regime’s Security Committee, under Russian supervision, on the last day of the time limit of the Russian roadmap which was set to be implemented by Wednesday, August 31. The Security Committee and the Russian delegation agreed on starting the implementation of the demands starting from tomorrow.

The new agreement included the following items:

• Starting ceasefire.
• Striking settlement deals with suspects.
• Handing over of weapons.
• Evacuation of suspects who reject the settlement and reconciliation.

Entry of Russian Military Police to Daraa al-Balad and lifting the Russian and internationally recognized Syrian flags.

Establishment of three joint posts of Military Security service and the 8th Brigade of the 5th Corps.

Earlier yesterday, SOHR activists reported that dignitaries from different areas in Daraa entered new negotiations with the Central Committee in Daraa al-Balad at Russian demand to convince the gunmen to completely hand over their weapons and leave to north Syria.