SOHR exclusive | US reassurance after withdrawal from northeast Syria … Will consensus will Moscow threat Washington-Kurd relations? • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR exclusive | US reassurance after withdrawal from northeast Syria … Will consensus will Moscow threat Washington-Kurd relations?

Russia has been working on activating the situation in northeast Syria with the Kurds, as the reception of Ilham Ahmed, a leader in the SDC, in the Russian foreign ministry recently, a new message especially that Mosco was keen to repeat its invitations to activate the dialogue between Damascus and the SDC for reaching a satisfying solution for both sides.

Sheikh Ryad Derdar, co-president of the SDC told SOHR that “the meeting was constructive and was an expansion for previous meetings that run in Syria and a completion of a meeting that happened with the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov a year ago during the agreement with the Popular Willing Party that lead to understandings about some issues.

Derdar added that the ties with Moscow haven’t been cut, referring to the US exit after the Turkish occupation of Ras Al-Ain and Tal Abyad and the conclusion of a ceasefire that called on the Autonomous Administration to reach a new deal with Turkey under Russian supervision over the remain borders.

He stressed that Russia is demanded to take its responsibility towards the ongoing assaults and assassinations of the leaders in the Autonomous Administration areas, noting that the insurer is supposed to stand against all the violations and to be cautious.

Derdar added that Russia has influence on Damascus because its control its decisions where the regime has been working in light of Moscow agenda, expressing his aspirations of presenting a roadmap instead of the conflicts and the continuous clashes by the regime that threatened many areas.

He called on continuing real dialogue for reaching positive results to establish de-centralized democratic regime that meets the people aspirations instead of taking the military path that the regimes used in the previous practices relying on Russian and Iranian powers.

The prominent politician stressed that Russia has the ability to proceed the dialogues that run in Astana that ended by understandings and drawing a roadmap and a parallel road for Geneve talks, pointing out that we can depend on the Russian party for integrating the SDF forces and the SDC in the coming talks until empowering the work for reaching a political solution for the Syrians with participations of all without exception.

Sheikh Derdar deemed the meeting with the Russian side is not against the US relations because the Autonomous Administration is still depending on the US for protecting the region of ISIS threats, highlighting the possibilities of reaching rapprochement between Moscow and Washington that will lead to political settlement in the region.

The US has become not far from the Moscow aspirations, stressing the Autonomous Administration wouldn’t cut ties with the interfering forces that has positive role in achieving political solution in Syria.

Answering a question about the possibility of Moscow to recognize the Autonomous Administration as a government, Derdar told SOHR, “Russia has before suggested a federal project for Syria and the constitution proposed by Moscow ensure seats for the local administrative, and withdraw powers from the president and the government for the interests of those seats to ensure practical response in case the dialogue between different parties has been run.”

But he doesn’t expect that Washington will withdraw from northeast Syria, referring to the US reassurance for the different delegations that visited the Autonomous Administration to continue chasing ISIS and its remains.

He reiterated that Washington is not about to consider moving to elsewhere and that there is a big different between what is happening in Syria and Afghanistan, the situation is completely different and we are partners with the US in combating ISIS.

He added the Administration seeks to work with its partners in a vital dialogue about the political process for reaching a settlement based on the UNSC resolution number 2254.




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