The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russian general threatens to bombard Mannaj crossings over SDF rejection to deploy regime tanks inside city until reaching Deglah River


Aleppo province: In light of the current events in north and east Syria including arrival of regime military reinforcement to the SDF-held areas in light of the Turkish threats bout launching military operation targeting the SDF-held areas, SOHR activists have reported that the Russian forces press the SDF to allow the regime force to enter tanks to Manbaj in eat Aleppo and deploy it in the region.

However, the Russian general rejected the request and threatened to bombard al-Tayha/Abou Kahaf crossing in west Manbij that connect the regime-held areas with the SDF-held areas.

Earlier in the day, SOHR activists reported the arrival of new military reinforcements of the regime forces to Kafr Intwan area within the Kurdish forces-held areas in al Shohabaa areas in north Aleppo. IT was formed of 17 armored vehicles, soldiers carriers, trucks loaded with heavy weapons and ammunitions.

This is the third reinforcement that entered the region since the Turkish media escalation and talks about military operation for targeting Turkish forces-held areas in north Aleppo countryside. According to SOHR, Rusiana dn regime forces engineering teams have planted large number of mines along the road on the frontlines that separate between the Kurdish forces and the regime backed-areas in north Aleppo and the Turkish force and its proxies in Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch two regions.