Old ordnance | Explosion in Palmyra city injures two regime soldiers • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Old ordnance | Explosion in Palmyra city injures two regime soldiers

Homs province: SOHR sources have reported that two regime soldiers were injured in the explosion of an old landmine in Palmyra city in east Homs countryside, while they ware touring the city and checking abandoned and devastated houses.


In October, SOHR activists reported the arrival of the regime-backed armed men (gangs) from Homs province to the city of Palmyra. Came in big trucks with logs cutters, the gunmen started to chop the olive, pomegranate and dates trees.


According to SOHR activists, the gunmen, loyal to the regime forces, chopped the palm trees in Palmyra as well as the pomegranate and olive trees from farms of displaced population to al-Rokban camp and to north Syria claiming that the garden owners are stationed in terrorist areas where the trees chopping took place in cooperation with the popular committees in the region with the objective of turning the trees into firewood.


Such violations coincided with the coming of the winter, rise of the fuel and the firewood. It is worth noting that Palmyra gardens known as “Palmyra Oasis” where trees aged above 20 years were located. As ISIS destroyed and looted the archeological site of Palmyra, the regime gangs also shared in this destruction.

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