Renewed bombardment | Turkish rocket and artillery shells hit Kurdish and regime forces positions, north of Aleppo • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Renewed bombardment | Turkish rocket and artillery shells hit Kurdish and regime forces positions, north of Aleppo

SOHR activists have monitored rocket and artillery strikes carried out by Turkish forces on the villages of Al-Wardiyah, Umm Al-Hosh, Umm Al-Qura, Shawarghah, Al-Malikiyah and Ain Daqna, in areas where Kurdish and the regime forces are deployed, north of Aleppo. No further details have been reported about the number of casualties and material damage caused by the attack.

This morning, SOHR activists reported that in light of the escalation of bombardment by Turkish forces in the northern, north-eastern and western countryside of Aleppo, which are under the control of Kurdish forces and various military formations of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), where regime forces are deployed, SOHR activists have documented since early May the targeting of Turkish forces and “National Army” factions with hundreds of rocket fires and heavy artillery shells on nearly 57 villages and towns in a remarkable escalation of Turkish bombardment and their backed factions.

Here are the villages and towns hit by Turkish bombardment in May, according to SOHR documentation:

In Shirawa district in Afrin countryside: The villages and towns of “Mara’naz, Al-Alqamiyah, Kafr Anton, Mana’, Kashtar, Deir Jamal, Al-Ziyarah, Auqaybah, Soghankah, Abyan Kalutah, Zarnayt, Al-Mayasah, QBurj Al-Qas, Tatatamarash, Tanab, Kharbekah, and Al-Ershadiyah.’

In Al-Shahbaa areas, north of Aleppo: the villages and towns of “Ain Duqnah, Maraanaz, Mengh, Tel Rifaat, Al-Sheikh Issa, Tel Qarah, Umm Al-Hawash, Kafr Nayah, Kafr Nasih, Hashiyah, Harbil, Al-Sheikh Hilal, Tel Jijjan and Qraml.”

In north-east of Aleppo: “Umm Al-Abd, Deir Qaq, Al-Sha’alah, Khuraybshah, Madiounah, Sad Al-Shahbaa, Hasajak, Radar, Tel Zuwayan, Tel Al-Anab and Tel Rahal, Tel Madiq, Al-Wardiyah, Hesyah and Daghliblish near Al-Bab city.”

In the countryside of Manbij city, east of Aleppo: “Al-Arima, Al-Hawshiriyah, Al-Mohsenli, Aoun Al-Dadat, Tokhar, Arab Hassan, Al-Sayadah, Al-Yalanli, Qurt, Yaran Al-Jat.”

SOHR points out that the Turkish escalation in the aforementioned areas was remarkable this May, as Turkish forces and their factions have targeted nearly daily dozens of villages and towns in Al-Hasakah and Al-Raqqah countrysides.

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