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Statement on escalating violence | “Ministry of Defence” denounces tribal and factional fighting in Ras Al-Ain (Sere Kaniye)

The Ministry of Defence of the Syrian Interim Government has condemned tribal and factional fighting in Ras Al-Ain in northern Syria, calling for avoiding the use of weapons to maintain security and peace.

In a statement, the Ministry has stated that it was closely following the situation in Ras Al-Ain and called on all the fighting parties to stop the conflict, vowing to hold those responsible accountable.

The defence ministry has announced the formation of a committee of staff and dignitaries concerned with the national public interest, calling on “Free Army” not to engage or tend in sedition and chaos.

It recalled the readiness and full responsibility of Free Syrian Army (FSA) units towards the Syrian people.

The statement of the Ministry of Defence reads: “Brothers fighters operating under the banner of the Syrian National Army, you are those brave fighters who sacrificed their lives and blood in order to protect their people and the dignity of their land and to uphold the word of truth.

You are a role model for the future generations in rejecting sectarianism and tribalism and being a single unit belonging to one homeland without differentiating between religion or custom. Previously, your deeds have shown a great keenness to maintain unity.

However, today, we feel profound grief and sadness due to the eruption of tribal fighting in Ras Al-Ain between two Syrian tribes that developed to include National Army members.”

“We in the Ministry of Defence are following with great interest the events and the disagreement between the fighters. We call upon all the members of National Army to use the weapons to preserve the land and defend against the aggressors, not to be used in tribal fighting or family disputes.

Furthermore, we are working to hold offenders accountable by forming a committee of staff and those concerned with the public interest to intervene and hold the perpetrators accountable and refer them to military justice.

We call upon the members of the National Army not to be involved or take part in this sedition.

Not only that, but we confirm that we will hold accountable all those who destabilise the security of the region and all those who distort the bright image of the National Army.

Likewise, we call on all the formations of the National Army to preserve all combat readiness and to shoulder their responsibilities towards our great people, who revolt to gain freedom and dignity and do not accept the deviation of our Revolution from its proper course.”

SOHR activists have just reported that the violent fighting halted in Ras Al-Ain city (Sere Kanye), after Turkish forces intervened, blocked roads, blocked entrances and exits to the city and pledged to expel all militiamen, who are from other areas of Syria, from Ras Al-Ain city.

However, tension still prevails in Ras Al-Ain city and its countryside, Al- Akidat tribe have also mobilised their fighters with the support of other tribes, including Al-Adwana, Al-Qaraan and all armed people from the eastern region, who are backed by Al-Akidat tribe, including those in the factions fighting against Al-Akidat, such as Al-Hamzat, where their members defected Al-Hamazat faction and joined Al-Akidat.

In a related context, Al-Akidat tribe has mobilised throughout the eastern region of Deir Ezzor and Al-Hasakah province.

According to Syrian Observatory activists, the violent fighting left four civilians, including a woman and a child, injured by indiscriminate gunfire, three members of Al-Mawali tribe killed, eight members injured and three members of Al-Akidat wounded.

The fierce clashes led to the capture of nearly 13 fighters backed by Al-Akidat and caused significant material damage to the cars and houses of the people.

The fighters of Al-Akidat also took control of the headquarters, posts, houses and shops of factions from outside Ras Al-Ain city, who were brought by Turkey as it occupied the city.