The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

ISIS attack | 15 regime soldiers killed in Al-Raqqah desert

SOHR activists have monitored a new attack waged against regime forces in light of the ongoing operations of ISIS cells in the desert.

ISIS cells attacked a military bus in Jabal Al-Bashari area in Al-Raqqah desert.

This attack has left a large number of deaths and injuries. At least 15 regime soldiers were killed, and the death toll is believed to rise as there are some people seriously injured.

On June 17, SOHR activists reported that the bodies of five militiamen of the Russian-backed Palestinian Luwaa Al-Quds faction were transported to “Bassel Al-Assad” National Hospital in Palmyra city, where ISIS members shot them dead while their car was passing near the junction of Ark village coming from Al-Sokhna desert towards Palmyra city.

Moreover, SOHR activists monitored violent clashes between ISIS cells on one hand and Iranian-backed militias and regime forces on the other hand near the third station in Palmyra desert eastern of Homs.