IS imams attack Turkey in the countryside of Aleppo • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

IS imams attack Turkey in the countryside of Aleppo


SOHR activists in several cities and towns in the northeast of Aleppo reported that IS imams mobilized and provoked people in the Friday sermon that Turkey does not support or defend Islam but it was bragging about that, and that all people thought that it supports “Islamic State” but this the day as it has joined to “crusader coalition” in order to kill “Islamic State” and shell the civilians “across Islamic State and fight IS soldiers”.


It is worth mentioning that mutual firing took place on the Syrian – Turkish border in the northeast of Aleppo between the Turkish forces and the “Islamic State” killing  two members of the organization which claimed that they shot the Turkish forces because the Turkish forces targted a man who was trying to cross the border to the Turkish side and he was killed by the Turkish forces’ shot. The local sources reported that the two IS members were killed due to a shell launched by the Turkish forces on an area inside Syria. Meanwhile 9 IS militants killed today due to aerial bombardment carried out by Turkish warplanes on the area located between west of Jarablos and east of al- Ra’in in the northeast of Aleppo.


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