The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ongoing Turkish escalation | Two regime soldier injured in Turkish bombardment on northern countryside of Aleppo

Aleppo province: In the early hours of today, Turkish forces fired heavy artillery shells on military positions of the regime, in Shawarghah village in Sharan district in the northern countryside of Aleppo, within areas of deployment of Kurdish forces and the regime, resulting in the injury of two regime soldiers, where they were taken to the hospital for treatment.
This comes as a part of the ongoing Turkish ground and aerial escalation against areas of deployment of the Kurdish forces and the regime.
Yesterday, SOHR reported that three soldiers of the Syrian regime were killed by Turkish artillery shelling on the vicinity of Aqiba village in Shirawa district in Afrin northern of Aleppo.
On the same context, a Turkish armed drone attacked a Russian base in Al-Wahshiya village in northern Aleppo countryside within areas of Kurdish and regime forces in northern Aleppo countryside. However, no casualties have been reported yet.