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Ongoing clashes | Turkish tanks cut roads to prevent entry of military reinforcements for H*T*S-backed Ahrar Al-Sham

Aleppo province: Turkish forces cut the roads leading to the areas where clashes between Ahrar Al-Sham and factions of the National Army are taking place, near Al-Hamran Crossing in Aleppo countryside, Al-Ghazawiya and Deir Ballot Crossings, Kafr Janna checkpoint in the area between Afrin and A’zaz, Jarablus and Al-Ra’iy Town.

Meanwhile, tanks of the Turkish forces were brought to streets of Jarablus to cut the roads in case Ahrar Al-Sham and HTS tried sending military reinforcements to the area.

The clashes have been taking place in Thalthana Village, following an attack by factions of the National Army on positions of Ahrar Al-Sham and HTS. However, no casualties have been reported yet.

Turkish forces closed Deir Ballot and Al-Ghazawiya Crossings connecting between Idlib and Afrin, following tension between factions of Ahrar Al-Sham Movement, one of which is affiliated to HTS, where the latter managed to take control over Thalthana checkpoint in Al-Bab countryside near Al-Hamran Crossing over which factions are fighting.

A few hours ago, Ahrar Awlan Faction that is affiliated with H*T*S launched a violent attack on positions of Ahrar Al-Sham Movement in Thalthana Village in Al-Bab countryside, where Ahrar Awlan managed to take control over the village following violent clashes between both sides, while other groups of Ahrar Awlan are sieging Abla Village, where a group of Abo Haidar Maskana is stationed that is affiliated to the Second Division of the National Army.