The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Dea*th toll update | Five casualties among H*T*S-backed Ahrar Awlan Faction in clashes with “Al-Sultan Murad” in Aleppo

Aleppo province: Two members of HTS-backed “Ahrar Al-Awlan” Faction were killed and three others were injured in violent clashes with “Al-Sultan Murad” Faction on the outskirts of Haj Kosa Village in Al-Bab countryside eastern of Aleppo.

Accordingly, the number of people killed in the clashes due to disputes over the control over Al-Hamran Crossing:
• Three members of National Army
• Two members of Ahrar Al-Sham

Turkish forces and their proxies fire heavy artillery shells on the vicinity of Abin and Aqiba Villages in Shirawa district in Afrin countryside north western of Aleppo within areas of regime and Kurdish forces in northern Aleppo countryside, amid flight of Turkish scout drones over the region. However, no casualties were reported.

On September 19, Turkish forces and their proxies fired mortar shells on Al-Yashly, Al-Dandaniya and Al-Farat Villages in Manbij countryside eastern of Aleppo within areas of Manbij Military Forces.