The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Without coordination with regime forces | Hundreds of members trained by IRGC deploy on border with occupied Golan under supervision of Lebanese Hezbollah

SOHR sources reported that the past 48 hours witnessed the deployment of hundreds of members of the elite forces of the Iranian militia on the border with the occupied Golan in southwestern Rif Dimashq and Al-Qunaitrah countryside. These forces include members of the Iraqi, Syrian and Afghani nationalities from the Fatemiyoun Brigade, and some of them entered from Iraq and others from other Syrian regions, and they are trained by officers of IRGC, and their deployment in the aforementioned areas will be supervised by Lebanese Hezbollah forces.
According to SOHR sources, the deployment operation of these elite forces came without any prior coordination with the forces of the Syrian regime, which refuses to involve its forces in any confrontation with Israel, and the military leadership had instructed to do so over the past days.
It is noted that the regime’s strict orders created a state of resentment among officers of the regime forces, who wish to fire shells towards the occupied Golan.
On October 15, SOHR reported that the military command within the Syrian regime instructed its military forces deployed on the border line with the occupied Golan in west of Rif Dimashq, Daraa and Al-Qunaitrah, not to fire any bullet or shell towards the territories occupied by Israel. Palestinian forces of Lebanese Hezbollah and Syrian resistance forces to liberate Golan are deployed on the aforementioned front, who are taking orders from the party in Syria, and shells launching operations that take place are carried out individually by the leaders of the groups who are in the region there.