The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Missiles fired on the occupied Al-Golan and regime forces mobilize in Daraa and Al-Qonaitara

Explosions were heard in the occupied Syrian Al-Golan, where missiles were fired from Israeli territory on Al-Golan, coinciding with mobilization in military positions of the regime and the militias stationed near the occupied Syrian Al-Golan in Al-Qonaitara and Daraa.

Earlier today, SOHR sources reported that Israel forces attacked positions of Lebanese Hezbollah near Al-Jarajer village in Al-Qalamoun countryside in western Rif Dimashq near Syria-Lebanon border, amid reports about casualties.
This coincided with the flight of drones over the region, but it is unknown whether the attack was due to a ground missiles or airstrikes.
On December3, SOHR sources reported that Factions operating with the Lebanese Hezbollah fired a missile from Syrian territory towards the occupied Syrian Al-Golan.
On the same context, Israel responded by firing missiles on the forest of Al-Rafid Village in Al-Qonaitara countryside. However, no casualties were reported.
Regime forces mobilized in their positions and military checkpoints in fear of Israeli response.

Israel has escalated their attacks in Syrian territory to unprecedented level since the beginning of the brutal offensive on Gaza in October, where SOHR has documented 26 attacks: 17 airstrikes and eight rocket attacks by ground forces. Those attacks left 28 fatalities; they are as follows:

• Two civilians

• 28 Syrian combatants, including four officers.