The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Military escalation | Turkish forces shell villages in Tel Tamer and Tel Tamer Military Council forces target Turkish bases with three missiles

Al-Hasakah province: Turkish forces and their proxies intensified their bombardment on SDF-held areas, where the artillery shelling concentrated on villages near the contact lines separating “Peace Spring” area from SDF-held areas in Tel Tamer countryside, northwest of Al-Hasakah.
In response, Tel Tamer Military Council forces of SDF, bombed positions of “National Army” factions, coinciding with a guided rocket strike targeted the Turkish bases in Bab Al-Faraj, Dawudiyah and Mahmudiyah within “Peace Spring” area, amid information about causalities.
The Turkish forces escalated their aerial bombardment on various areas in northeastern Syria, as they carried out 48 airstrikes via drones, targeting infrastructure, vital and health centres, clinics, hospitals, factories, mills and bakeries, resulting in the death in injury of 20 civilians.