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Amid clashes with smugglers | Jordanian border guards thwart drug smuggling operation, leaving three smugglers dead and member of Jordanian border guards injured

Jordanian border guards have foiled a drug smuggling operation from Syrian territory carried out by smugglers affiliated with the Lebanese Hezbollah in the eastern region near Syria-Jordan border in Al-Suwaidaa countryside, where armed clashes erupted between both sides, leaving three smugglers dead and a member of the Jordanian border guard injured.
It is worth noting that the Jordanian border guard seized large quantities of narcotics during the operation.

The Jordanian authorities continue their operations to pursue drug dealers and combat drug smuggling operations from within Syrian territory towards its territory through smuggling routes by smugglers linked to the Lebanese Hezbollah.

On January 23, SOHR sources reported that six smugglers were killed in intermittent clashes that erupted between them and the Jordanian army earlier this month, in the area between Al-Akaidar and Nasib towns, south-east of Daraa, on the Syrian-Jordanian border, where their bodies were found decomposed, showing signs of gunshot, and they were taken to the National Hospital in Daraa.