The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Restoring the Revolution Friday” | Protestors in Idlib and Aleppo renew their demands and oppose to “Al-Golany”

Idlib province: Residents in north western of Syria went out on protests in Idlib City, where hundreds of activists and civilians participated in the protests against HTS and its leader “Al-Golany”, under the slogan of “Restoring the Revolution Friday.”

Hundreds of residents arrived at Al-Saa’a Square in the city raising banners that condemn the acts of HTS, Abo Mohammed “Al-Golany.”

Moreover, the protestors demand to overthrow “Al-Golany”, putting an end to the tight security control, empty prisons of innocent people and open fronts.

Abd Al-Razzaq Al-Mahdy Sharaay of HTS participated in the protests and conformed to the demands of the other protestors.

The protestors also chanted slogans supporting the people of Gaza and condemning the Israeli war.

On the same context, residents of Al-Atareb, Marae’ and Babika Cities in Aleppo countryside went out on protests against HTS, demanding to