The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

To pressure kidn*apping group | Eighth Brigade arrests nine members of one family in Daraa

Daraa province: Members of the Russian-backed “Eighth Brigade” arrested a whole family working in the agricultural field, where they are from Aasim Town and were taken to Bosra Al-Sham City.

According to reliable SOHR sources, nine members of the family including women and children were arrested after their son was arrested earlier this morning along with another young man on the road between Namir Town and Al-Hirak City in eastern Daraa countryside.

Moreover, this arrest comes as a pressuring point against an armed group that kidnapped a young man from a poultry farm, where he worked on the road between Namir Town and Al-Hirak City.

Yesterday, members of a local group of the regime forces kidnapped a young man in Al-Sanmin City in Daraa countryside.

On the same context, the brother of the kidnapped person belongs to a local group of the State Security, where he kidnapped two young men as a response to his brother being kidnapped, amid security tension in Al-Sanmin City and mobilization by both groups.